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Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) promotes Dodge in a classy-silly way


Brands always had a role in the promotion campaign of films. Thus, the results are barely creative… For the last few years, it seems like innovative ways to promote both brands and films are rising.

The last example that I really appreciated was the synergy created between Dodge Durango and “Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues” starring our beloved Will Ferrell.

Behind these silly ads, the Funny or Die team has put a lot of energy in the creative process. It is more than just a car integrated in the film, more than a support promotion campaign … This time they have decided to create several commercials “promoted” by the most hated/loved narcissistic anchorman character Ron Burgundy.

We’ve been a bit disappointed with the film, but we were overjoyed when we heard about those ads.

According to the Chrysler Group, they reached almost an 80% increase in web traffic since they launched the campaign. SUVs sales numbers also increased. Jake Szymanski – ads director – seems surprised of the impact : ” It’s just fun to see creatively satisfying stuff that we were very happy with…also work well for the commercial. ”

Surprised ? Well, I am not…

Brand equity is not only reserved to brands. Therefore, films, artists, celebrities and directors can also reveal a certain brand equity. (Which could also explain why the audience can totally lose sense of taste and fair criticism when a famous director releases a really bad film that seems acclaimed… but that’s another story.)

Both Ron Burgundy (the character) and Will Ferrell (the actor), have developed positive attitudes from the audience in the first film “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”. He provides “values” as any brand does. If I try to explain, I would say that the character, through storytelling, has become a “brand” defined from the director/writers’ perspective, as well as from the audience’s perspective.


Brand Equity – definition :

Feldwick (1996) provides a classification for the different meanings of brand equity as :

. the total value of a brand as a separable asset (Brand value)

. a measure of the strength of consumers’ attachment to a brand (Brand loyalty)

. a description of the associations and beliefs the consumer has about the brand (Brand image)


Chris Bruss (Funny or Die) stated that : ” (Ron Burgundy) is somebody who, if you’re fast forwarding on your DVR, you’re probably going to stop and take a look at him no matter what. ” The “fanaticism” behind the character could also help reaching a wide target.

The character is a self-centered, egotistical, sexist and a buffoon… but, also confident, sophisticated, has high-standards and is fearless – this part being relevant with Dodge’s customers attributes. Some existing values between the two protagonists (the car and Ron Burgundy) have been brought together, giving credibility to the choice of “voice”.

Even if you don’t expect silly humor in the brand messages (as they still try to promote a “classy SUV”), many attributes fit and the character conveys the “absurd value” you expect from him.


Enough with the talk, let’s laugh :

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