Web Serie

Ikea’s web serie starring Illeana Douglas

Nowadays, most of the big companies produce their own web series. It is definitely a good way to promote its own brand, on a short length audio-visual aid.

Let’s face it, web series are the new trend. You can watch hundred of web series, produced by famous actors, famous directors, big companies, cinema and theatre students, etc….

For companies, the aim is to increase web traffic. On the contrary of product placements in movies, where companies cannot totally control their placements, web series allow a perfect control of advertising. easy-to-assemble1

The plot: Illeana Douglas, famous actress, decides to retire from her Hollywood career and tries to  start a normal life while working at IKEA Burbank. It seems that her past is more difficult to leave behind than she thinks. She will be followed by her celebrity friends, stalkers and gossip columnists.

This web serie is a total success, they will launch a third season taking place in Sweden. This serie is seen as funny, full of irony and really entertaining. To be honest, even if the idea is not that bad, the music really annoys me. I have the feeling to be stuck in a lift for 8 min of serie.

The success of this web serie shows that the entertainment business is largely celebrity-oriented.  Is that the future for product placement on internet?

Trailer of the second season:

Trailer of the third season:

You can see all the episodes on the website: http://easytoassemble.tv .

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