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DumbDumb, Arnett and Bateman acting for Brands

Will Arnett and Jason Bateman, the two stars of Arrested Development, are joining forces to create a new digital-driven entertainment company. 

The company focus on commercials, shorts, and original content that could be adapted for the big screen.  Electus is set to deliver DumbDumb’s content via its already established comedy division while utilizing the web production and development infrastructure of Arnett and Bateman bring product placements to the next level.

Before they conceived DumbDumb, the two were already creating content. Bateman explains, “Will and I, and our friends and colleagues, are spending a lot of time doing these funny viral videos, sketches made for a low price,” he said. “It’s a fun hobby for a lot of us. There’s a marriage to be made there, between sponsors and what we find ourselves doing.”

Even if this type of industry is really competitive, DumbDumb can lead to a great success. They’ve got everything: great ideas, acting experience, good sense of humour, contacts and fame.

“We’ve got some ideas in mind, some things that might work great for soft drink or cookie or computer companies,” Bateman said. “We’ve been thinking about our advertising voice and brand, and at some point people will be immediately able to look and say, ‘That’s a DumbDumb spot.’”

If I have to give you my opinion, I think this is genius. Both actors already made me laugh my f*** ass off in Arrested Development and their project is really smart. It is well made, entertaining, absolutely funny and really creative. I hope to see many more from them soon.

A five-minute webisode for Wrigley’s Orbit chewing gum, “Prom Date” :

“The Dancer” :

You can find more on their website:

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