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Back to the Xbox Future….

I start to wonder if it is part of Microsoft’s strategy to promote its new Xbox products in anticipation movies…

Remember ‘The Island’ (2005) starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson ? 5 years before the launch date of Kinect (November, 2010), the game was already placed in the movie.

This year Microsoft strikes back and signes a product placement deal with the movie ‘Real Steel’ (2011) starring Hugh Jackman.

Real Steel, the upcoming robot film, taking place in the near future, featured a product placement for the next generation Xbox 720. Can we expect a new Xbox product with this name? We don’t know yet but I guess most of the gamers are wondering if their dreams will become true.

The scene takes place inside a sports arena, which has displays of different brands, including Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, Coca Cola, Bing, Del Taco, and of course Xbox 720. You want the proof? Just watch this trailer and stop at 00:47…and here it comes! ‘Xbox 720’ logo!

At this time, the Xbox 720 is still conceptual. However, seeing it could create excitement for gamers. It already made hundred of people excited about Kinect in 2005 when it was still “in project”.

Considering all factors, the Xbox 720 maybe released by 2013 or 2014. Unless Microsoft takes a page from Real Steel, which takes place in 2020.

Besides this placement, Real Steel is seen as loaded with way too many product placements.  Critics have been quick to judge the movie due to these product integrations. Journalists have said that the product placement is “shameless” and “flagrant.” Cleatus, the robot in the movie, is a canvas for brands. And it makes the story seem unnatural. This is probably why it was negatively received by most film journalists.

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