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Big product placement for little blue characters…. The Smurfs

I admit, I don’t feel at all like watching this movie…however, the amount of product placements is kinda astonishing. The Smurfs in ‘the City’ allow  the placement of several products, such as Rock Band and M&Ms. When you are that small, everything seems much bigger. It’s a great opportunity for brands to get a good focus on their products. This movie allows prominent placement from the “smurf perspective”. It is obviously a good opportunity for the brands as many kids will watch this film with their parents, surrounded by several kidults: a ‘wide’ target range. It’s also easier to integrate “blue” references such as Blue Man Group, Blu-Ray and Bluetooth… When I see the trailer of the movie, I actually wonder if the movie was made for the fans of the Smurfs and the children or if it is just an excuse for advertisement. Open your eyes, nothing is really subtly: Besides the fact that in only 2:32 seconds I already have a headache with the repetition of the word ‘smurf’, I spotted several product placements such as: Sbarro, Rock Band, Blu-Ray, Blue Man Group, Cuisinart, Photoshop, Apple (several times), Tad’s Steaks, etc… And there was more in the trailer if you look closely. To be honest, I haven’t seen a trailer with that much product placements for ages. My eyes are still itching from that violent amount of prominent placements. If I feel like watching it? Count me out!

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