Web Serie

“FCU: Fact Checkers Unit”, Samsung’s web serie…

Another web serie used as an excuse for product placement.

Web series are definitely the new trend! Several series are created, sometimes starring famous actors. It represents a good opportunity for Brands to develop their own serie, integrating product placement strategies.

This time it is available on the NBC website (famous for the serie 30 Rock) and sponsored by Samsung.


Even on the website, they introduce a Samsung Galaxy 5 in the background.

AboutNo celebrity too big, no fact too obscure for FCU: Fact Checkers Unit. Russell and Dylan check each and every fact printed in Dictum magazine. They might not be respected around the office, but in the fact checking world, these guys know how to get it done. Fact Checked.

First episode, starring Luke Perry.

The first appearance of this web serie at the Sundance Film Festival, starring Bill Murray was original and funny. It seems that NBC and Samsung saw a great opportunity in producing it. However, the 8 episodes launched after (each one starring a guest star) were not as good.

Let’s see which brand will produce its own serie next…

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