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Super Brand Me…

Morgan Spurlock, known for his famous documentary film « Super Size Me », is never tired of his experiments. This year will be released his last documentary “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”.

This time, the film focuses on product placement, marketing and advertising. The film is actually itself financed through product placements.

It has been presented at the Sundance Film Festival last January and seems to be appreciated by the audience. Spurlock, always a bit provocative, seems to have succeeded in creating the first ‘docbuster’.

His exploration of the advertising and marketing world is described as ‘scathingly funny, subversive, and deceptively smart’.

In order to get some credible information, Spurlock meets different persons; such as Naom Chomsky, Ralph Nader, Donald Trump, Michael Levine; in order to get inputs and advice on how marketing works to influence people. (N.B: several studies have been made on this subject and no ‘perfect answer’ has been found yet as several process variables have to be considered, I don’t think Spurlock will be able to give us ‘the solution’…)

Concerning his production budget, Spurlock received financing from several brands: Hyatt, POM Wonderful, Sheetz, Jet Blue, Mini Cooper and many others. He actually stated that he was turned down by loads of companies. This is not really surprising. What can be the most efficient way to integrate product placement? Make it prominent! As it is the subject of the documentary film, it enhances opportunities for brand exposure.

This way the exposure will be easily detected and memorized by the audience. As the placements are totally integrated in the plot of the documentary (I guess even mentioned), the audience’s memorization will definitely be explicit and could have a better impact on consumer behaviours.

Release date: April (USA), “soon” for the other countries (sorry, impossible to find more information).

“The amazing thing about this,” Spurlock said, “is that we made an independent film that from the day it opens will be in profit.”

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